In-House Analysis And Screenings Offered

Depending on your pain or injury, Current Chiropractic offers a complete diagnostic review right in our office with our state-of-the-art equipment. Performing these tests allows us to quickly determine the best course of action for treating your condition or ailments with upper cervical chiropractic and neurostructural care.

The following screenings may be performed during your initial visit in our office:

Neurostructural X-Rays

An X-ray allows us to see problem areas very quickly. It’s a great visual tool for patients to see the vertebra and disks of their spine, which allows them to better understand what our doctors are explaining.

Over the course of your care, X-rays will also show the improvements to your neck and spine.

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Postural Analysis Screenings

Your posture is directly related to the shape of your spine. A postural analysis allows you and our doctors to see how well your head, neck, spine, shoulders, and pelvis are aligned, and whether your weight is evenly distributed or imbalanced.

Imbalances in weight distribution can put pressure on your neurostructural system, causing secondary symptoms such as back pain or poor sleep.

Many of the indicators we look for during a postural analysis screening include:

  • If your head protrudes forward or sits above your shoulders when standing normally.
  • Whether your shoulders are rounded forward or if one is raised higher than the other.
  • The position your hands are in when they hand naturally at your side.

Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic imaging is a measurement of temperature readings that detect variations of heat in your neck and spine. A deviation from a normal pattern of temperature may indicate where a misalignment exists.

After a correction, there is often a change to the temperature pattern and the patient’s symptoms.

This scan is performed during your initial evaluation and on each subsequent visit.

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Current chiropractic Diabetes

Heart Rate Variability Test And Screening

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the interval between each heartbeat. When your body is not functioning at an optimal level, your Heart Rate Variability changes; indicating your body may be fighting against illness, injury, or stress.

We measure HRV in our office with a test that lasts less than 10 minutes. Measuring and tracking these changes can give us insight into several issues—and help provide a better understanding of your current health status.

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Schedule a complimentary consultation with Current Chiropractic today to receive the analysis and X-rays necessary to determine if and how your pain can be alleviated with a care plan designed just for you.