A Natural Approach to Fibromyalgia Care

A Natural Approach to Fibromyalgia Care — Important Information for Chiropractic Patients In Tampa Bay Struggling With Fibromyalgia AN ARTIST’S CONCEPTUAL REPRESENTATION OF THE INNER NECK. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that causes widespread pain. It is a common disease and affects more than 5 million adults in the United States. The pathophysiological processes that leads to development of this painful disease still has many physicians baffled. Some [...]

Important Information About Deep

Important Information About Deep Sleep and Upper Cervical Care for Chiropractic Patients in Valrico and Brandon, Florida  “I tell you, doc, after your adjustment  yesterday I had the best sleep I’ve had in years.” “Last night I was able to sleep 14 hours straight, instead of waking up every 3 hours.” Comments such as these are not uncommon in my focus of patient care. I am an upper cervical chiropractor who focuses on neurostructural correction. My partner [...]

Common Question from Our Valrico

Common Question from Our Valrico Chiropractic Patients - Do I Always Need an Adjustment In today’s society the general consensus is that more is always better. A trend of more money, more toys, more success, more food, more bacon, has captured the airways and advertisements causing our psychie to always desire “MORE.” While wanting more can lead to increased production and drive, over indulgence can also lead to [...]

Scoliosis And Conservative

Scoliosis And Conservative Care for Valrico, Florida Chiropractic Patients A MODERN DEPICTION OF A GREEK TITAN, ATLAS, WHO WAS CONDEMNED TO HOLDING EARTH FOR ALL ETERNITY. Now that the kids are back in school let’s have a quick anatomy/Greek mythology lesson. Who was the primordial Titan in Greek mythology who was condemned by Zeus to carry the whole world on his shoulders? What is the name of the [...]

Interesting News for Tampa

Interesting News for Tampa Chiropractic Patients - Could Multiple Sclerosis Be Caused By Trauma In 1996, the British Medical Journal (Volume 313) reported a case in which a former policeman was awarded more than $820,000 in damages by a court that decided that he had developed Multiple Sclerosis (MS) after sustaining whiplash injuries from a car accident. Within a week of the accident the 49-year-old officer started developing neurological symptoms. MRI [...]

Why Do I Get Dizzy What Is Vertigo

According to American Family Physician, dizziness can be broken down into four main categories:  disequilibrium, presyncope, or lightheadedness, and vertigo.  Disequilibrium is a feeling of being “off balance” or wobbly; presyncope is a feeling of losing control of your body or blacking out; and lightheadedness is described as feeling disconnected from your environment., though descriptions are generally very vague. Vertigo is described as experiencing “false sense of motion, possibly a spinning sensation.” Vertigo [...]

Help Us Celebrate Our First Anniversary

Help Us Celebrate Our First Anniversary at Current Chiropractic! THE DAY OF THE GRAND OPENING OF CURRENT CHIROPRACTIC. One year ago (October 5, 2015) we opened our doors to begin working with chiropractic patients in Valrico, Brandon, Lithia and Fishhawk. It has been a whirlwind of a year, but we are extremely proud of the office we have built. It has been a honor to serve the community and [...]

Thank You For Helping

Thank You For Helping Current Chiropractic Celebrate Our 1 Year Anniversary! DR. ANNIE AND DR. TED’S BUSINESS ANNIVERSARY We wanted to thank everyone for celebrating our one year anniversary with us on Wednesday night. We had a great time playing the name game and human bingo with you all. Your support this past year has been amazing and we would not be where we are today without your support [...]

January 2018 – What will be your New Year Resolution

Happy New Year! You have set personal goals of upper cervical health and improved wellness, and we at Current Chiropractic can help you meet these goals in 2018! January is a time when you may be resolved to exercise more consistently. The office tends to see a large number of workout-related injuries this time of year, and Drs. Dragoo and Apatiga believe the reason is often spinal misalignment in [...]

Chiropractic Care or Massage Therapy – Which is Better for You

We’ve all taken a couple ibuprofen to handle a bad back before, but what if the problem persists? If you’re facing chronic or extreme back pain, it may be time to see a professional in the Brandon or Valrico area. When considering chiropractic care or massage therapy, you’ll want to note that two may be better than one. While there are differences between the styles of care, they are [...]

How Chiropractors Help Fibromyalgia Patients Relax

Fibromyalgia patients may not fully realize it at the time of diagnosis, but they are embarking on an uphill battle. The typical symptoms of this condition involve chronic pain, difficulty sleeping, sensitivity to noise, and fatigue, which combined makes the task of relaxation extremely difficult. Fibromyalgia can affect people differently, with sensitivities particular to each person. What works for some may not work for others, and the traditional approach [...]

Chiropractic Adjustments Everything You Need To Know

Chiropractic adjustments are a great tool to improve bodily function. It works by healing and restoring the proper function of the spine and nervous system through physical adjustments. This is achieved by repairing the alignment of displaced spinal bones or vertebrae, similar to the way doctors replace a dislocated shoulder. To carry out this procedure, you need to be a certified medical professional who is trained in the performance [...]

Why Our Chiropractors Use The Activator

One of the best aspects of chiropractic care is the variety of approaches that specialists can take. At the start, chiropractors must choose between manual or instrument-assisted adjustments.  Each approach has it’s own unique pros and cons that are worth discussing. Here at Current Chiropractic, our doctors use the activator method to treat patients from Valrico, Brandon and Tampa. When a chiropractor adjusts a patient,  they can use their [...]

14 Sleeping Tips For Fibromyalgia Patients From A Chiropractor

One of the most common struggles for fibromyalgia patients is getting good, restorative sleep each night. This condition can severely affect a person’s ability to sleep well and wake up refreshed一no matter how long they’re in bed, most fibromyalgia sufferers will still wake up in the morning feeling exhausted. This is because not enough time is spent in the deeper stages of sleep that are necessary to feel rested and improve [...]

How Chiropractic Care Benefits Fibromyalgia

The Fibromyalgia 4-1-1 Like a number of issues that have found relief through chiropractic assistance, there is no one test for fibromyalgia. Because of this, patients with this condition have often suffered from misdiagnosis and confusion for many years. Let’s first identify what this condition is. What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal condition in the world, affecting some four million patients, and is characterized by a [...]

How Chiropractors Help Improve Your Sleep

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for the body. It’s during rest that essential functioning is restored to things like our central nervous system and blood vessels. Without proper sleep, ailments start to occur more frequently and our bodies begin a general state of decline, impeding our abilities to perform daily tasks. Unfortunately, a huge part of the population is unable to get the sleep that they need. [...]

How Upper Cervical Chiropractors Help Multiple Sclerosis

If you are suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), don’t give into feelings of hopelessness or lack of empowerment. Upper cervical chiropractic care is bringing downright life-changing results to people across the globe. If you suffer from multiple sclerosis, seeing an upper cervical chiropractor can help with MS by helping to boost the central nervous system. A CNS Condition That Can Affect Anyone MS is a neurological condition that affects the [...]

Top 8 Reasons to See a Chiropractor in Florida

Do you suffer from pain in the neck or back? Do you have uncomfortable episodes of pain or even numbness in your wrist? Do you get regular headaches for seemingly no reason? Were you recently in a car accident and have been suffering from pain as a result? If any of these sound familiar and you have not yet seen a chiropractor, this post is for you. Here at [...]

How To Manage Neck Pain At Home

Here are some tips and exercises you can utilize at home that may offer some relief from temporary neck discomfort: Cold Packs Applying a cold pack to your neck in one-hour intervals (40 minutes on with a 20-minute break) can reduce swelling to an inflamed area. Pillow Check Make sure to use a firm or extra firm pillow while you sleep; flat or misshapen pillows force your neck into [...]