We’ve all taken a couple ibuprofen to handle a bad back before, but what if the problem persists? If you’re facing chronic or extreme back pain, it may be time to see a professional in the Brandon or Valrico area. When considering chiropractic care or massage therapy, you’ll want to note that two may be better than one. While there are differences between the styles of care, they are often recommended to be used in tandem for the best possible results.

Below we’ll break down the benefits of chiropractic care and massage therapy for chronic pain and we’ll provide you with the information you need to make your choice with confidence.

What’s the Difference Between Chiropractic and Massage?

Although both specialists will use their hands to work the body into better alignment, there are stark differences in what each can do. Chiropractors are healthcare providers that are able to make medical diagnoses and request blood work and/or x-rays. Their primary goal, however, is to release subluxations in the spine to ensure the body and the nervous system are operating at their optimum levels.

Massage therapists, on the other hand, are trained in relieving muscle pain and treating muscle conditions only. There are a number of great massage therapists and chiropractors in the Tampa Bay area, but knowing their limitations as well as their abilities is key to finding the right one for you.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Perhaps the greatest benefit of visiting a chiropractor is their scope of practice, which allows them to deal with issues that stem from underlying causes. Chiropractic care is best for those suffering from disorders of the nervous system or musculoskeletal issues. They treat issues such:

  • Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Joint Pain
  • Tendinitis
  • Ear Infections
  • Vertigo

While massage therapy can be a great additional remedy, the treatment that you get at a chiropractor’s office is key if your problems deal more with joint or spinal pain. One of the biggest differences between a chiropractor and a massage therapist is the education they receive. Chiropractors are doctors that must complete a four-year chiropractic program on top of a four-year undergraduate education. Massage therapists are usually required to complete 500 hours of training before they can practice.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

If you have muscle soreness or are simply looking to unwind after a taxing week, massage therapy may be best for you. Rather than choosing one over the other, you may want to consider a combination of treatments to target chronic pain and other issues. Releasing tension in the muscles prior to an adjustment will allow for the adjustment to last longer, as tense muscles can misalign the body’s joints.

There are many health benefits that can come from a massage, including:

  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Boosted Immunity
  • Improved Skin Condition

Determine Your Course of Action Based on Your Symptoms

The best approach to finding your ideal health care provider in the Brandon or Valrico area is to start by defining your symptoms as much as possible. First, is your issue one of actual pain or does it feel more like discomfort? Second, where is the source of discomfort or pain located? Is it concentrated in your neck or back, and if it’s your back, what part specifically? Knowing the answers to these questions will help to inform you and your healthcare professional.

If you are experiencing pain, you will want to visit a chiropractor (take a virtual tour of our office in Valrico). They will be able to diagnose your symptoms and tell you if a more serious cause is to blame. However, research suggests that the best approach is one of balance, so once you’ve consulted with your chiropractor, you may want to consider a massage prior to and/or after an alignment so that it lasts longer.

Does Chiropractic and Massage Benefit Each Other?

They certainly do! Consider them as two floors of the same building. Though the foundation is most important, the second floor can be built upon it to make the best use of the raw materials. A chiropractic treatment will be your foundation, especially if you are experiencing any pain in your spine or joints, but you should consider building upon that with regular massage therapy if your chiropractor has given you the go-ahead to do so.

When Should You See a Chiropractor?

If you or someone you know are experiencing pain or discomfort in your neck or back, contact Current Chiropractic to schedule a consultation (call
813-603-4466. Though the problem is not likely to be too serious, if there is an underlying cause it’s best that it receives medical attention immediately. Why would you want to go on suffering from uncomfortable back pain if there is a solution out there that can help?

Work with a Chiropractor in Valrico, FL

If you are curious about the chiropractic care style and based in Valrico, we are here to help! Get in touch and schedule a time to come by一one of our capable doctors will assist you with your needs. Neck and back pain are very real and troubling symptoms, and there is a solution to whatever you’re experiencing. We look forward to helping you out soon!

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