Common Question from Our Valrico Chiropractic Patients – Do I Always Need an Adjustment

In today’s society the general consensus is that more is always better.

A trend of more money, more toys, more success, more food, more bacon, has captured the airways and advertisements causing our psychie to always desire “MORE.”

While wanting more can lead to increased production and drive, over indulgence can also lead to things such as debt, diabetes, stress and depression.

Just like life, chiropractic “adjustments” can be abused. This leads to the question, do I always need and adjustment?

The short answer to that question is no.

An adjustment is only required when there is a change in the spine causing a neurostructural shift in the structure of the human body. The goal of an adjustment is to correct the misalignment in the spine to allow a return of proper structure of the body.

Once the structure is corrected there is nothing else that needs to be done, it is in its proper place.

B.J. Palmer, one of the original developers of chiropractic, analyzed 5,000 Chiropractic cases of the most sick patients imaginable.

He and his colleagues discovered a technique requiring significantly fewer adjustments. These corrections were more specific than the traditional Chiropractors at the time. The research showed that 97.3% of the patients adjustment by this technique improved greatly. (Palmer 1934; 852)

To help demonstrate this point, visualize setting a golf ball on a tee. Once the ball is set perfectly on the tee it is in the proper position.

If the ball is set perfectly on the tee would there be a reason to correct its position again? No, if the ball is moved again it could potentially fall off the tee.

If a patient’s spine is in proper position, administering an adjustment could potentially misalign the vertebrae or “off the tee”. An adjustment delivered when it is not necessary only has the potential to cause harm.

How do the doctors at Current Chiropractic know when an adjustment is necessary?

The doctors use an advanced instrumentation tool and a specific structural analysis protocol at every visit to determine if your spine is in its proper alignment working to help maintain your health. This ensures that corrections are only delivered when they are needed to restore proper alignment.

In golf you want to get the ball in the hole with the fewest amount of strokes. With golf as well as chirorpactic less is more.

At Current Chiropractic our goal is to get your spine aligned and holding using the fewest amount of corrections possible to allow you to get back to your game.

– Dr. Theodore Dragoo
“Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering – an image of death.”