Prior to your first chiropractic session, you will fill out a comprehensive health history in our Valrico office. This gives us a better idea of the condition of your body and what injuries you might have sustained that could impact the chiropractic approach taken for your care.

Current chiropractic Digestive Disorders
Current chiropractic Sports Physicals, Valrico, FL

Next, you’ll meet with one of our doctors to go over your health history. We will perform an assessment of your physical mobility and posture with a posture analysis test and also conduct a thermographic scan and a cranial nerve testing. We may also take x-rays if we feel they are necessary to understanding your condition and providing you with accurate chiropractic care.

These are all low-stress, non-invasive diagnostic tools to assist with accessing your condition and chiropractic care plan.

Your Adjustment And Next Steps

Following the assessment, your doctor will proceed with the necessary chiropractic adjustments. After the upper cervical adjustment, you will be guided to our spa like resting zone to lie down and let your adjustment take hold. This is a relaxing period that our patients enjoy on their first visit.

After this first visit, we’ll have you schedule a follow-up to return and discuss your long-term care plan, including financial payment options.

Watch this video to see the process with other doctors at an upper cervical care office.