Happy New Year!

You have set personal goals of upper cervical health and improved wellness, and we at Current Chiropractic can help you meet these goals in 2018!

January is a time when you may be resolved to exercise more consistently. The office tends to see a large number of workout-related injuries this time of year, and Drs. Dragoo and Apatiga believe the reason is often spinal misalignment in connection with adoption of new exercise routines. But the cause may also be an injury an individual is not aware of.

Before you attempt any new, strenuous activities, consider seeking help from non-medicine oriented doctors such as those at Current Chiropractic. Just call us at 1-(813)-603-4466, and schedule a time to talk. And, for those of you who are already following an exercise routine, do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you are not achieving peak performance.

May 2018 bring you and all your loved ones health and happiness!

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