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Current Chiropractic is a neurostructurally-oriented and evidence-based health care center helping patients in the Valrico, Brandon, Lithia and Fishhawk areas of Tampa, FL.


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Dr. Annie Apatiga

valrico florida chiropractor dr. annie apatigaDr. Annie feels privileged to have the opportunity to care for people from all walks of life.

Her personal mission is to provide patients the excellent quality care that she would provide her own family, and to educate her community in how to cultivate good health in order to live a life of optimal potential through proper spinal alignment.

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Dr. Theodore Dragoo

valrico florida chiropractor dr. theodore dragooThrough chiropractic, Dr. Dragoo is able to permanently improve the lives of every patient he sees. His goals, and the goals of the practice, are to continue providing the best, most up to date chiropractic care possible for patients.

His focus is to provide care that offers results that greatly effect patient’s long term health…and not just offer short term relief.

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My life has changed since becoming a patient with Current Chiropractic.

 Current Chiropractic is a neurostructurally-oriented and evidence-based health care center helping patients in the Valrico, Brandon and Lithia areas of Tampa, FL. We provide a full range of chiropractic services intended to help you heal from injury, disease and pain and regain overall health and wellness.

Neurostructural Care

Neurostructural Care focuses on correcting the Neurostructural Shift so that your spine and nerves can regain as much of its normal structure and function as possible.

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Upper Cervical

The doctors have the extensive training necessary to properly correct the Atlas Displacement Complex, which negatively effects the health and function of the body and nervous system.

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x-ray analysis

When evidence of spinal injury is present, detailed and thorough X-ray analysis is performed to objectively determine the extent of the injury and correctly plan effective treatment.

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The doctors made a specific wellness plan for me to achieve progress.

 As our patient, you will receive a care plan and state-of-the-art treatment reflecting your unique needs. You will also learn how your overall health depends on your spine’s structure and function. Whether through practicing the most effective chiropractic methods or through advocating for lifestyle choices that are proven to be beneficial, we are dedicated to guiding you to greater health.


We use thermography or ‘heat measurements’ to better identify structural issues, abnormal pathology or poor function in your neck and spine.

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Postural Analysis

Our postural analysis is important as it allows us a visual overview of how well your head, neck, spine, pelvis, knees and ankles are aligned.

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Sports Physicals

Our goal is to ensure both children and adults are healthy enough to participate in sports and potentially identify any issues prior to participation.

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Pain is a warning, don’t let it become an emergency.

We need healthy bodies to live a satisfying and productive life — and we need to be healthy for ourselves and our family. Chiropractic care helps with creating and maintaining a healthy spine along with a healthy nervous system, both of which are necessary for a healthy life. Pain is a warning of dysfunction and if not addressed promptly can lead to permanent damage.

Back Pain

One of the most common health concerns of adults is back pain. Whether you’ve recently hurt your back or have been dealing with pain for years, it is imperative to have it properly analyzed and corrected to prevent permanent degeneration.

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Neck Pain

Pain, soreness and tightness in your neck can range from annoying to debilitating. When you have issues with your neck, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible so you can work toward a healthy and pain free solution.

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Shoulder / Arm / Leg Pain

Patients who are suffering with pain, tightness or tingling sensations in their arms and legs are often surprised to learn that misalignment or other injuries with their spine may be the reason for their ongoing dysfunction.

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They offer full body solutions -- not just for back pain.

 While most people would associate chiropractic treatment with just ‘fixing back problems,’ the reality is that chiropractic care can help treat a wide array of issues. The ultimate goal of our doctors is to restore and maintain your body’s natural state of health.

Ear Infections

While you may not be familiar with using chiropractic treatment for ear infections and ear pain, more and more patients are turning to local Tampa chiropractors for ‘natural solutions.’

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Our approach to TMJ is to perform specific chiropractic adjustments of the top spinal joints to help improve motion in your jaw, jaw muscle balance, jaw locking, headaches and neck pain.

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Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the most common work related injuries, and one whose symptoms can be addressed through chiropractic treatment of the neck, spine and wrists.

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Managing Disease, Disorders and Chronic Pain

Thanks to Dr. Dragoo...I now have my life back.

 Our mission it to help our patients find an alleviation of their pain and frustration — we do this through customized care and advanced chiropractic techniques.

Multiple Sclerosis

Under the care of a chiropractor, those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) — in both the early and later stages of the disease — can find relief.

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The doctors take the time necessary to determine all the casual and aggravating factors of this debilitating condition to ensure the greatest result.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Our goal is to find successful outcomes for our patients who are suffering from the severe pain and side effects of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

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Natural Solutions Through Evidenced-Base Health Care

We help restore the body’s function so it can heal itself.

 Chiropractic care is restorative not reactive! We speak to many patients with a wide variety of health issues, many of which find improvement when the health of the spine and nervous system are restored and the body is allowed to do what it does best HEAL!

Parkinson’s Disease

Our efforts are geared toward alleviating the pressures put on the central nervous to help our patients find improvement.

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High Blood Pressure

For patients seeking a drug-free and natural approach to managing their high blood pressure, we can provide a treatment and lifestyle plan to help.

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Digestive Disorders

Adjustments of the spine of the neck and mid-back can help restore function of the nerves associated with digestive functions.

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We Put Your Body in a Position Where it Can Help Heal Itself

The treatment was successful and improved my health. I had no idea a chiropractor could help.

 Chiropractic treatment can help! We speak to so many patients who are dealing with a wide variety of health issues, many of which can solved by adjustments of the spine and alleviating pressure on the nervous system.


Patients are finding that in addition to prescribed medicine, more exercise and a better diet, chiropractic therapy can be beneficial.

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Migraines and Headaches

While not a cure for migraine headaches, chiropractic care addresses the cause of your headaches and can provide tremendous relief.

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Patients suffering from Vertigo, nausea and dizziness are increasingly seeking more ‘natural solutions’ to their symptoms from chiropractors.

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